Extend your core into all technology

Your customers are losing business to fintech disruptors. ASA allows you to turn the disruptors into partners. These solutions will no longer offer their own accounts, loans, and cards, but instead, they will be powered by your financial institutions products and services. Imagine if every fintech was only showing leads for you and your customers.

Unlimited Scale

ASA can partner with the core to give it capability above and beyond any other serverless or cloud based technology providers instantly. ASA can handle millions of calls per second from fintechs and only needs to submit 1 call to the core. This allows your core to have unlimited solutions with no risk.

100% Margin Revenue

ASA can provide new revenue to the core that has no cost or expense associated with it. You no longer have to have fintechs integrate with the core and worry about the risk and liability of that entry point. You don't have to provide service or support for all of the fintech solutions. 1 to 1 integrations are not scalable for your core, ASA removes the need to ever have to do that again.

Happy customer, happy life

Every customer will say that the secret to their success, innovation, and speed to market for new technology is because of their core. You can be the direct reason for your customers success and this will pull customers away from other cores to get access to the newest, best technology.